What is the best way to write an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay requires a writer to gather, generate and evaluate evidence on a particular topic and establish a concise position on a topic. The subject of the writer should be debatable and he / she should give a background study on the topic of choice.

Start with an anecdote that will awaken the interest of the reader. Put your points in an intellectual, persuasive and logical way. The points you are discussing should be clearly worked out and arranged chronologically from the strongest point to the weakest point. The first paragraph should not discuss your topic, but should explain more about your topic.

Writers of argumentative essays are recommended to use the first person, since this attracts the reader’s concentration. The writer of argumentative essays should always declare his position on a topic; Either they are for or against.

A large argumentative essay should incorporate data and facts to show that one is discussing a topic with which he is familiar and that the points made are facts, not mere assumptions. The writer has to investigate the subject widely, keeping in mind the key points. The writer of argumentative essays is encouraged to use pathos, ethos and logos in his article.

Argumentative essays must be very convincing for the reader, leaving him without any doubt in mind. The writer should choose a topic in which he is interested and write down points from the opposing and proposed points of view, but he should make sure that his position is duly noted. Your evidence must be free of drama.

Once you collect enough points with a solid foundation, you can start writing the essay. The argumentative essay must contain an introduction, body and conclusion; The body usually occupies a lot of space since it contains all the argumentative points.

In the conclusion, reformulate and emphasize your topic and the points that have more weight. Do not make your conclusion too long, usually one or two paragraphs are recommended. Keep your conclusion brief and precise.

One must avoid showing their emotions, as they can make the reader of the essay see it as irrational. Make sure the conclusion of your essay is logical. Use reliable sources that you can cite as evidence. You must avoid emotional language at all costs.

Before submitting your argumentative essay, be sure to review and polish it. This is to avoid any grammatical errors that may have occurred in the trial and to verify if you have omitted any points.

Argumentative essays are mostly written by lawyers who want to discuss a client’s case. For your arguments to be strong, use quotes that can not be disputed by anyone. Keep in mind that your article should influence people to your objective or objective opinion.

It is advisable to prove your argument by having your colleague review it before submitting it. Try brainstorming by arguing that you point with your peers.