How to study better?

How to study better: Study habits

When we talk about how to better study one of the most important factors that contribute to achieving this goal is the creation of positive habits on the part of the student.

A habit is an activity that we repeat periodically to the point of doing it unconsciously. The creation of positive habits is possible, in principle something will be consciously repeated until it is already made by inertia. Some theories affirm that after 21 days of performing the same activity, it becomes a habit. The reality is that things do not always happen in such a mathematical way and that it depends on each person what takes to acquire a good habit. What is indisputable is that the longer they stay stable, the more they will return.

When studying, there are certain habits that you must develop to achieve the best success in your studies:

  1. Study every day. Maybe if you are not in time of exams you can not do anything on Sunday, but the rest of the week should review the work done in class and keep their tasks up to date. In this way you will never be late, you will not accumulate material without studying for the exams and it will take a much simpler and more efficient learning.
  2. Learn to create a good environment for study. It will not be worth anything if you feel a few hours every day before books if you can not concentrate on what you are doing because you have too many distractions. Here you can read about how your study room should be and how you should prepare for the completion of tasks. Turn these recommendations into a habit.
  3. Spend time reading techniques. It is very important for your success as a student to learn quick reading techniques. Here you can find a very complete article on the subject. Reading techniques are also acquired through habit.
  4. Perform exercises aimed at encouraging concentration. It is not only a matter of studying every day, but of knowing how to concentrate on studies and being able to prepare body and mind to absorb the new information that you will obtain from books. Here you can find the best techniques to concentrate.
  5. Review. Advancing on the subject can not mean neglecting what we have been leaving behind. Review daily what you have been learning in previous days. In this way everything will be fixed more in your mind and when the final tests arrive you will hardly need to do extra work.

These five habits will help you get the most out of your work and not have to make big sacrifices before final exams because you will have all the material well studied.

How to study better: Tips to get the most out of study time

If you have time to study each day, you can do two things: stand in front of the books without wanting anything and wait for those hours to pass, or make the most of them and turn that time into productive for your school performance. You decide what you want to do, but if you take the right option, read these tips to get the most out of your studies.

  • Take notes in class and pass them clean at home. Psychologists agree that much of the details that are heard during a class are forgotten in less than an hour. Do not trust your memory and write down everything relevant. When you get home, pass your notes clean and that way you will be helping them to remain in your memory.
  • Read the lesson and underline what is important. Here we explain how to make schemes on different subjects to facilitate their studies and subsequent reviews.
  • Use tricks to memorize. Some people study better with some tricks and others with different ones, but you will surely find yours reading this article.
  • Write your doubts to consult the teacher. Sometimes it is when studying the matter at home when doubts arise. You should write down all your questions carefully and make them to the teacher. Do not be ashamed to do it since it is the best way to prosper.
  • Compare your notes. You can meet from time to time with colleagues interested in acquiring the best habits, just like you and share your notes. In this way you can find data that you have forgotten, discover personal tricks of a partner that you can also use and in turn help your friends to progress.