Backup can save your site even when there is no hope of restoring the project to working capacity. It often happens that an attacker puts an “infection” on the site long before you notice it, and in this case, the older your backup is, the more chances of recovery. For a business on the network, the availability of backup should be no less important than sales. If the site disappears, your trading will not only be stopped, but you will need to create a website from scratch, which requires investment and time.

Thus, backup saves if:

There was a hacking by intruders

From accidental deletion of site files.

From the server crash, fire and other disasters.

We recommend making a backup copy daily, in several ways, with mandatory, regular downloading of a copy to a local computer or to an external recording device, such as a USB flash drive or a portable hard disk

How to back up?

There are several ways:

Depending on the CMS, use special plugins and backup modules.

Manually copy files from the server to the local computer.

Daily backup provided by SpaceWeb.

With the help of other special programs and scripts.